These fast-food chains are open from 1 May

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(Facebook, Uber Eats SA)
(Facebook, Uber Eats SA)
  • Several beloved fast-food brands are open again for deliveries from 1 May, including Chicken Licken and Debonairs Pizza. 
  • Hot food deliveries will be permitted under South Africa’s lockdown Level 4. 
  • Nando’s will not be open yet. 
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A number of South Africa's beloved fast-food restaurants, including Chicken Licken, Debonairs and Steers, are open again  for fast food deliveries from 1 May.

However, Nando’s will remain closed for now.

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According to new regulations, gazetted on Wednesday, the sale of hot, prepared food will be permitted for delivery only. Customers cannot visit restaurants to get the takeaways. Restaurants may open for food delivery services only, between 09:00 to 19:00. 

The major fast-food outlets and restaurants confirmed to open from Friday include: 

Some individual outlets in these chains may not re-open, however, depending on their location and whether deliveries would be viable, the chains said.

Popular food delivery services Uber Eats and Mr D Food will be open for food deliveries on Friday. Bolt, previously known as Taxify, will also have a food delivery service. 

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Restaurants such as Col’Cacchio, Spur and Ocean Basket have confirmed that they won't be open.

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Spur originally told landlords it would not be opening, but has since changed its policy somewhat.

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This article has been updated to reflect new announcements and policy changes by several chains, including Nando's and KFC.