Tapiwa Munyawiri (Base Models)
Tapiwa Munyawiri (Base Models)
  • Tapiwa Munyawiri became a model by going to modelling agencies across Cape Town asking if they’d accept him.
  • Almost everyone rejected him, except the last agency he visited.
  • He credits persistence and consistency for his success.

After Tapiwa Munyawiri’s girlfriend told him could be a model, he flew to Cape Town for a weekend from Johannesburg and knocked on agencies’ doors until one accepted him.

The thirty-year-old said he before he flew to the city, he googled modelling agencies to see where he could apply.

“Boss Models, Ice models - you name it I went there asking if they have space for me,” Munyawiri told Business Insider South Africa.

“There was a lot of rejection, a lot of people telling me that I am not worthy.”

When Munyawiri finally arrived at Base Models - the last agency he was set to visit - they accepted his application and compiled a profile.

“I found a hug waiting for me at Base Models.”

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Munyawiri, originally from Zimbabwe, said he initially worked as a model to augment his income.

“At the time I started, I put a lot of money to pay for my catering business he started which struggled to turn a profit.”

He credits persistence and consistency for his success.

Aspiring models, he said, should put themselves out there to try to be scouted. “No one is going to find you when you’re alone in a room.”

Tapiwa Munyawiri.
Tapiwa Munyawiri.

Munyawiri, currently the manager of upcoming Yu restaurant in the Cape Town foreshore, said the fashion industry has a lot of similarities with the food industry.

“Constantly thinking outside of the box is key.”

He hopes to one day be one of the “big names”  coming from Zimbabwe.

“[I hope to lay] the bricks for the future generations of Zimbabwe, and Africa as a whole to follow.”

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