Meghan Markle wants some "decorations bought at Tiffany's."
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  • Newly-unearthed footage shared by the Daily Mail shows a 17-year-old Meghan Markle performing "Santa Baby" at a high school Christmas show.
  • Markle and her classmate and fellow-actress Natalie Fryman performed the song in December 2008.

Meghan Markle may currently be gearing up for Christmas festivities with the royal family, but 20 years ago she was celebrating the holidays a bit differently.

Newly unearthed footage shared by the Daily Mail shows a 17-year-old Markle performing "Santa Baby" at the Immaculate Heart High School Christmas Liturgy Show in December 1998, and it gives a rare peek at her life before becoming a household name.

In the video above, Markle can be seen performing the song alongside her classmate and fellow future-actress, Natalie Fryman. Both wore festive Santa hats as they performed a lightly choreographed number to the classic Christmas tune.

A former student in the audience told the Daily Mail that the "performance went down really well."

"Santa Baby" was originally made famous by Eartha Kitt in 1953, but it's seen a major resurgence in 2018 after Miley Cyrus performed it.

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