KFC, Streetwise Bucket for 1
Bombi Mavundza/Business Insider
  • KFC recently launched a "Streetwise Bucket for 1" meal.
  • We were curious to try it.
  • At R29.90, it is a bargain - even if it does make you feel like nobody loves you.

KFC recently launched their new "Streetwise Bucket for 1 meal" - a nicely presented, compact meal at a price of R29.90.

It's slightly cheaper than similar Streetwise offerings. For R32.90, you can Streetwise Two - two pieces of chicken and a small portion of chips. For a rand less, you can get two pieces of chicken with a regular portion of pap & small gravy.

The new mini Bucket has so far received good reviews on social media, and we decided to give it a try.

First, a warning:  ordering it can make you feel like a bit of a loser.  

The 21-piece bucket is such a communal institution among families and friends, the lonesome little bucket had an unexpectedly forlorn quality to it. 

It may make you feel like you don't have any friends in the world, but on the upside: It offers fantastic value.

If you buy a 15 piece bucket for R199.90, a single piece of chicken works out to around R13.30. With the "Bucket for 1", you get three pieces (albeit not everyone's favourite bits, more about that below) plus chips for R29.99. A small packet of chips costs R9.90 - which mean the chicken pieces work out to less than R6.70 each.

Inside the "Bucket for 1", this is what we found:


KFC, Streetwise Bucket for 1
Bombi Mavundza/Business Insider South Africa

One drumstick.

KFC, Streetwise Bucket for 1
Bombi Mavundza/Business Insider South Africa

As always, it went down a treat - but we were expecting a more substantial part of the chicken. The word "Bucket" in the product name does create some expectations. 

2 Zinger Wings.

KFC, Streetwise Bucket for 1
Bombi Mavundza/ Business Insider South Africa

Or a single wing, as two KFC wings are equal to a single wing.

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KFC, Streetwise Bucket for 1
Bombi Mavundza/Business Insider South Africa

We were surprised by how little chips the bucket contained. They looked more in the shop, but were obviously propped up by the zinger wings which were positioned at the bottom of the container.


It's good value. 

If you are looking for a low-priced light meal, it's a better bet than other KFC meals under R30, particularly the the Wrapsta (R26.90 buys you a chicken fillet and trimmings in a tortilla) and the Crunch Burger (R24.90 for a "mini fillet" on a "snack bun").

Whether you would prefer it to the Streetwise Two (which has the two pieces of chicken, as opposed to a drumstick and two wings), would depend on your taste in chicken cuts. 

Personally, though, we prefer the more meatier chicken parts of the Streetwise Two. 

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