(Uber, Facebook)
(Uber, Facebook)
  • Uber South Africa has a set of tools intended to keep passengers safe. 
  • They include sharing a GPS-tracked ride, an in-app emergency button, and checking driver information.
  • Here's how to keep safe when you use an Uber in South Africa. 
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Uber South Africa has a range of tools – some unique to South Africa – intended to help to protect passengers, especially women and children. 

The company has promised to ban drivers, and passengers, guilty of any form of violence, discrimination, sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

All Uber drivers are vetted to ensure that they have a driver’s licence and pose no threat to passengers. 

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They are also forced to periodically take a selfie before to accepting rides, to ensure that the account of a verified driver is not used by someone else. 

Uber South Africa gave Business Insider South Africa a list of how passengers can ensure their safety while using the ride-hailing platform. 

Share trip details with trusted contacts 

As part of its safety toolkit, Uber allows all users to share up-to-date information on their GPS-tracked ride and estimated time of arrival with up to five contacts, to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely.

Use the in-app emergency button 

Developed in South Africa, the Uber in-app emergency button can be used to activate an armed response. Unlike other countries which direct the emergency to public police and emergency services, the South African emergency button is linked to two private security companies. 

Use the 24/7 customer support 

Users can access Uber officials any time of the day to report potential issues or concerns about drivers and the service, which the safety teams will then investigate. 

Users can also request a call-back to speak directly with Uber’s Global Incident Response Team if necessary. 

Check driver info

Once a driver accepts a request, the riders will be able to see their driver’s name and photo, vehicle type and registration number.

Riders are also able to see the vehicle colour on the app.

A push-alert is also sent to users requesting that they check the car registration of their driver to ensure they get into the correct vehicle. 

Use the safety centre 

A newly launched in-app safety information hub gives users information about insurance, Uber’s community guidelines, safety tips created with the help of law enforcement and more. 

Uber offers all users injury protection.