Dr. Sandra Lee.
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  • Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, posted a YouTube video in which she performed what she called a "MacGyver cyst punch."
  • In the video, Lee said the technique is similar to coring a apple, since it required a tool that "punched" a 4-millimeter hole into the patient's cyst.
  • After punching the hole, Lee was able to drain the cyst.
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Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee's offered no shortage of juicy pimple popping content.

In one of her latest YouTube videos, Lee treated a man's back cyst with a special technique she referred to as "the MacGyver cyst punch."

In the video, Lee showed the technique and compared it to coring an apple. She used a device she referred to as a "punch" and placed it on top of the cyst, applying pressure so it created a 4-millimeter deep hole in the cyst.

Then, Lee removed the punch device and was able to drain fluid out of the cyst with a few strategic squeezes.

Watch the whole process below.

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