• A Stephan Welz & Co auction in Cape Town on Tuesday and Wednesday features some expensive – and unusual – furniture.
  • A desk valued at R300,000 and an "egg chair" valued at R150,000 did not meet their reserve prices.
  • But a sofa in the shape of a pair of lips, and an unusual chair, did find new homes.

A "fine art and design" auction by Stephan Welz & Co in Cape Town on Tuesday and Wednesday offered, among the more usual goods, some unusual and expensive furniture.

Two striking contemporary pieces found new homes – but high-priced antiques amid the 555 total lots did not meet reserve prices.

Here is what sold – and what didn't.

Sold for R70,000: a sofa inspired by Marilyn Monroe's lips.

(Stephan Welz & Co)

The Gufram-made Bocca-lips sofas were first designed, by Studio 65, on inspiration from Mae West. A later update was in honour of Marilyn Monroe.

Sold for R35,000: a woollen throne.

(Stephan Welz & Co)

The post-modern Feltri chair reminds of a throne, but is cushioned by a quilt, and apparently quite comfortable.

Not sold: an egg chair and Ottoman, estimated value up to R150,000.

(Stephan Welz & Co)

The 1958 design by the legendary Arne Jacobsen is the forbearer of egg chairs still popular today. It did not meet undisclosed reserve price.

Not sold: a "garden egg chair", estimated value up to R15,000.

(Stephan Welz & Co)

This 1968 design by Peter Ghyczy did not meet the reserve price either – despite its hinged-lid addition to the egg-chair concept.

Not sold: a rosewood library table, estimated value up to R350,000.

(Stephan Welz & Co)

The table is of rare Irish rosewood and from Williams & Gibton, famed and popular at auctions – but did not meet the undisclosed reserve price.

Not sold: a mahogany architects desk, estimated value up to R150,000.

(Stephan Welz & Co)

The desk is considered a good example of the work of British cabinet-makers Gillows, but did not meet the reserve price.

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