Here are our top five articles of the past week. 

1) Ramaphosa just activated a law that scares foreign investors – and makes it harder for them to fight expropriation

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday activated a controversial Zuma-era law, specifically giving foreign investors only those rights and protections available to their South African peers. EU Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Southern Africa warned it "promotes discomfort leading to discouragement related to new investments".

2) An astounding image of the massive black hole at the centre of our galaxy, courtesy of Africa's new super telescope 

The clearest image of the centre of the Milky Way galaxy yet was released from South Africa’s shiny new radio telescope, MeerKAT, on Friday morning. This R4.4 billion, 64-dish radio telescope listens to the relatively weak signals from space to help scientists understand what is going on in the far reaches of the universe. 

3) It’s not just a logo, Absa is also changing its telephone voice – and about 500,000 other things

Business Insider’s deputy editor Phillip de Wet spoke to ABSA group marketing head David Wingfield about how the company’s rebranding will affect vast changes, from the company’s corporate culture, right down to the way it answers the phone.

4) All-out war as furious Viceroy fires back at critics. But these 4 questions remain unanswered . 

Key questions remain unanswered after Viceroy responded after it was accused of plagiarizing a report into accounting irregularities at Steinhoff, including how it gets funded and who it is set to target next. 

5) We checked the shelves to see if ‘pink tax’ exists, and found women pay much more than men for the same thing

Business Insider South Africa visited one grocery retailer, one clothing retailer, and one health and beauty retailer to find out how much more woman pays for everyday essentials - and the results were shocking.