The 20 best Budget tips for Tito Mboweni - including free Lotto tickets for those who pay their Eskom bills on time

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Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has asked South Africans to share ideas on how best to boost economic growth ahead of his Budget speech on Wednesday.

Tips were submitted via the Treasury website, and also tweeted to @TreasuryRSA with the hashtag #TipsForMinFin and #RSABudget2019.

Many of the comments on Twitter were concerned with action against government corruption.

Calls for policy certainty were also a popular suggestion.


Following a painful week of loadshedding, the electricity provider was clearly top of mind. There were plenty of practical ideas to deal with the problems facing the troubled utility, particularly its struggles with non-paying clients. 

Tax proposals 

By far the most suggestions concerned proposed tax changes - with ideas ranging from a lower VAT threshold for small businesses to zero-tax free trade areas. 

Job creation

Social media users had some ideas to bolster the economic prospects of poor communities.

Road Accident Fund

The Road Accident Fund, which funds claims from accident victims, is in severe financial problems, with its liability on track to reach more than R355 billion by next year. The RAF levy was hiked by 30c a litre last year to cope with this, and Mboweni is expected to increase the levy again this year.

There were some suggestions on how to deal with the RAF conundrum:

Government finances

Tax revenue continues to disappoint, which could push the budget deficit to almost 5% of GDP. There were a number of ideas to reduce government spending. 

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