iOS 13 will supposedly make apps launch faster, reduce the amount of space apps use up, and speed up Face ID unlocking.
  • Apple is making some big announcements at WWDC 2019 about the iPhone performance improvements coming with iOS 13, the latest upcoming version of Apple's iPhone operating system.
  • iOS 13 will supposedly make apps launch faster, reduce the amount of space apps use up, and speed up Face ID unlocking.
  • App launch speeds, storage needs, and Face ID unlocking speeds are great improvements that could stop you from buying a new iPhone because your current iPhone is too slow.
  • If you're looking to buy a new iPhone because of battery life issues, you might exchange the battery instead and wait for the new iOS 13 to see if it breathes new life into your old iPhone, which would save you some cash.
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Apple announced on Monday its upcoming version of the iPhone operating system - iOS 13 - that the company said will bring some key improvements to iPhone performance, at least those that will support iOS 13.

With iOS 13, Apple claims your iPhone will launch apps faster, the amount of storage apps use up will be reduced, and Face ID will become faster, too.

Apple's Craig Federighi didn't specify which iPhone models will experience these performance upgrades. But since the upgrades are coming to iOS 13, it's likely that all iPhones that support iOS 13 will reap the benefits of Apple's work over the last year.

Check out the performance improvements coming to iPhones running iOS 13, which Apple says is rolling out this fall:

1. 30% faster Face ID unlocking


This is a big one that addresses Face ID unlocking speeds on the iPhone X and iPhone XS generations.

Face ID is slower than the good-old-fashioned Touch ID fingerprint sensor, so iOS 13 should hopefully narrow the speed gap between Face ID and Touch ID.

2. 50% smaller app downloads, which also leads to faster app downloads.


Federighi said Apple is packaging apps differently in the App Store, which will make them 50% smaller. That also means that apps will download faster, too, as there's less to download.

3. 60% smaller app updates.


It's sometimes not the app's storage needs you need to worry about when you first download one - it's the updates that come after you've downloaded the app that can build up over time and take up a bunch of storage space on your iPhone.

Federighi said that updates will be 60% smaller in iOS 13, which should help reduce the amount of storage that apps use up over time.

4. Apps that launch twice as fast.


That's not to say that an iPhone 7 running on iOS 13 will open apps as quickly as the iPhone XS. But Apple is suggesting that apps on an iPhone 7 running iOS 13 will open twice as quickly as they did on the same iPhone 7 running iOS 12.

This is a pretty significant upgrade, as it'll make your iPhone feel faster, and you might not feel like you need to buy a new iPhone if you think your current one is getting slow. It'll hopefully breathe new life into an older iPhone like the iPhone 6S, which will support iOS 13.

If you're looking to buy a new iPhone because your current iPhone's battery life is getting short, you might think about getting the battery replaced instead of buying a new iPhone.

It costs up to R1,600 to get an iPhone battery replaced at an Apple Store, which clearly poses much better value than buying a new iPhone.

If you have the iPhone 6S or newer, you might do well to get your battery replaced and wait for the new iOS 13 that's rolling out in the fall before making a call on buying a new iPhone.

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