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  • Store chain Game is ditching its long-standing payoff line "You always win at Game" in favour of something it believes is more in keeping with its current identity.
  • Customers will now be told that they are the ones that have game.
  • Game has promised special discounts and deals linked to the launch of its new identity.
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Store chain Game is ditching its long-standing payoff line – "You always win at Game" – as part of what it describes as an identity refresh.

From now on the company will instead tell customers that they are the ones who have game.

The new slogan, "You've got Game", comes with its own television and, the company promised, will see special discounts and other deals as it is introduced. 

That slogan better reflects the "irreverent maverick essence" of the chain, it says, celebrating its customers as smart while it is a rebel that delivers the best prices. 

"It’s inclusive. It’s a quintessential insight on the everyday swagger that South Africans have," said Game's parent brand and customer director Katherine Madley in a statement on the relaunch.

"And it’s indicative of the brand and the brand’s personality and nature. It embraces challenge, and fulfils it. It’s almost a challenge to all of us to have Game, because when You’ve Got Game, then Game’s Got You. Keep your chin up, keep your smile on and keep going."

Game has used its signature pink colour since it opened its first store in Durban in 1970. It now operates 150 stores across the country.

Here's how Game is introducing its new slogan.

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)

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