YouTube NextUp South Africa
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  • YouTube NextUp is a contest where winners get to take part in a 5-day Creator Camp.
  • This event includes classes on production, editing, and audience development, with talks led by successful YouTubers.
  • Each content creator will also receive a production kit with equipment worth $1,000 (R14,500).
  • Entries for the NextUp class of 2021 opened for YouTubers in South Africa and Nigeria on Thursday.
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South African content producers have a chance to be part of YouTube NextUp, a contest which offers training, workshops, and a video production kit worth $1,000 (R14,500).

YouTube NextUp started a decade ago, with the aim of discovering and nurturing new talent through a Creator Camp. Kwangsook “Maangchi” Kim was one of the fledgling YouTubers selected for the inaugural course and, today, has more than 5.6 million subscribers tuned into Korean cooking classes.

Since then, YouTube channels like ASAPScience (9.7 million subscribers), Laura in the Kitchen (3.8 million subscribers) and Ingrid Nilsen (3.5 million subscribers) have all passed through the NextUp programme.

The list of successful YouTube NextUp alumni is long, with the contest expanded to countries in South America, the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa in recent years. Now, the contest has come to South Africa.

Earlier this week, Google announced that the YouTube NextUp class of 2021 would select 20 finalists from Nigeria and South Africa. These finalists will take part in a 5-day virtual event which starts on 8 November.

The event includes classes on production, editing, and audience development that have been designed by content specialists. Educational workshops and talks will be led by successful YouTube content creators. Each of the 20 finalists will also receive a production kit worth $1,000 (R14,500).

Support from YouTube’s content team will continue for at least three months after the event, offering further advice and assistance to the NextUp class of 2021.

Applying for YouTube NextUp in South Africa

To be eligible for the NextUp contest, entrants need to meet a specific set of criteria relating to their YouTube activity. The first, and most obvious requirement, is having a YouTube channel, with monetisation enabled.

This YouTube channel needs to have between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers at the date of entry and must be in “good standing”. Channels with copyright strikes or violations of YouTube’s Terms of Use will not be considered.

The channel must also be active, with at least two videos having been uploaded in the 90 days preceding the entry.

The submission must include three short motivating essays – no longer than 200 words each – answering the following questions in English:

  • Why did you enter the Contest and what makes your Channel stand out?
  • How do you plan to take your Channel to the next level over the next year?
  • What areas of improvement (e.g. production skills, content strategy, business development) will you work on if selected as a Winner to participate in the Creator Camp?

All submissions need to be in by 8 October, with the winners being announced on 21 October.

(Compiled by Luke Daniel)

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