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Quantities are limited. Source Pick n Pay.
  • Nationwide retailer Pick n Pay says you can now email a shopping list to 174 stores for collection during South Africa’s lockdown period. 
  • Called ‘Collect Direct’, customers can select from over 260 products including: cleaners; canned foods; toothpastes; bread; and nappies. 
  • Here’s how it works. 
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Retailer Pick n Pay says you can now email them a shopping list for collection at selected stores during South Africa’s lockdown period. 

Called ‘Collect Direct’, customers can choose from over 260 products which are made up of a broad range of products including cleaners, canned foods, toothpastes, bread and nappies. It does not, however, include some highly sought-after stockpile items like toilet paper and hand sanitiser. 

The Collect Direct email ordering service is available in 174 selected stores nationwide

“Many of our customers want to minimise their time in shops and this great innovation from our independent franchise owners will help them do just that,” said John Bradshaw, Pick n Pay retail executive. 

As it stands, the list did not include toilet paper, hand wash or hand sanitiser. However, the retailer told Business Insider South Africa the list will be regularly updated and they are looking to include these items. 

"Customers can also send personal requests directly to the participating stores and they will try their best to accommodate these whenever possible," said a spokesperson.   

Here’s how it works: 

Visit the Pick n Pay Collect Direct page here.

 Source Pick n Pay.
Steps to make your email order. Source Pick n Pay.

Download the shopping list template...

 Source Pick n Pay.
You can download the template on the website. Source Pick n Pay.

...and fill it out at home. 

 Source Pick n Pay.
The shopping list template. Source Pick n Pay.

Items quantities are limited. We found most products were limited to 5 per item. There are no prices on the template.

ource Pick n Pay.
Quantities are limited. Source Pick n Pay.

Once you have filled out your shopping list, email the template to your nearest participating store, contacts can be found on the website.

 Source Pick n Pay.
List of Pick n Pays. Source Pick n Pay.

The store will then communicate directly with the customer to confirm the order, and when it will be ready for collection in store. 

There are terms and conditions which we clarified for customers: 

The service is free.

All orders are prepacked from the shelves for customers to simply collect. Once the store receives your order, it will contact the customer directly to confirm the order and preferred payment method.  

The shopping list does not include item pricing. This is because of the variance in costs between inland and coastal stores.

When collecting you can choose to bring you own bags, or purchase plastic bags to have them packed before you arrive. 

Customers will be rationed the same as in store limits, until Pick n Pay changes its rules and consumers stop stockpiling certain products. 

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