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Support Jozi
  • More than 20 stores in Johannesburg are offering and accepting Jozibucks – valued as a R75 discount – when customers spend R250 or more.
  • This is part of the “Support Jozi & Shop Local” initiative which aims to assist small businesses that have been hurt by the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns.
  • Earning and spending Jozibucks is done exclusively through SnapScan, with Airbnb hosts handpicking local coffee shops, eateries, hair salons and bookstores.
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Paying for goods or services at certain small businesses in Johannesburg using the SnapScan mobile application can earn shoppers a R75 voucher. This initiative, in partnership with Airbnb, is aimed at attracting both locals and visitors back to establishments in the city centre, Park’s precinct and Melville which have all suffered losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns.

More than 60,000 businesses in South Africa offer SnapScan as a cashless payment alternative. The mobile application, which is linked to the shopper’s bank account, scans a unique QR code to process real-time payments. The contactless system has grown in popularity due to health risks associated with cash and card payments amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Similarly, the pandemic has changed South Africa’s hospitality and tourism industry, with small businesses bearing the full brunt of lockdown’s economic consequences. As the global vaccine rollout gathers momentum, South Africa looks to capitalise on the return of international travellers while, at the same time, encouraging locals to be tourists in their own cities.

To assist with this revitalisation programme, SnapScan has partnered with Airbnb – and a host of governmental agencies, including South African Tourism and the Gauteng Tourism Authority – to launch the Support Jozi campaign.

The Support Jozi & Shop Local project includes a list of more than 20 businesses, handpicked by local Airbnb hosts, which offer cashback vouchers referred to as Jozibucks. Spending more than R250 at one of these listed coffee shops, eateries, hair salons or bookstores will – and paying via SnapScan – earn shoppers a R75 voucher.

These vouchers – or Jozibucks – can be spent at other small businesses listed as part of the project. Jozibucks will be secured in the SnapScan wallet and shoppers are limited to one voucher per merchant per day. All Jozibucks earned will be valid until 30 April 2021.

“We know local businesses are struggling right now, so together with local hosts, we want to highlight them and give them the praise they deserve, and encourage everyone to support their community, and shop local,” explains Velma Corcoran, Middle East and Africa Regional Lead for Airbnb, which has invested R500,000 into Jozibucks, representing around 6,666 vouchers.

Central to the Support Jozi initiative is a map of the area, developed by Airbnb in collaboration with IAMJOBURG and CURIOCITY, which contains a comprehensive list of affiliated businesses. Establishments marked with a red placement pin indicate the potential to earn and spend Jozibucks. Three areas in Johannesburg have been identified as part of this project, with businesses offering Jozibucks rewards as follows:

The parks and surrounds (Sandton, Parkhurst, and Rosebank):

  • Nice on 4th
  • The Perfect Cup
  • Croft & Co
  • Dry Dock
  • Colourbox
  • Salvation Café
  • The Bioscope
  • Jolly Cool
  • Wild Hair
  • Little Addis Café
  • Fab & Co
  • One-Juice
  • Dr Pachanga


  • De La Crème
  • Pablo House
  • Bookdealers
  • The Roving Bantu Kitchen

City Centre (between Main, Fox and Commissioner Street)

  • The Living Room
  • Victoria Yards
  • Bridge Books
  • Home of The Bean

The announcement of Airbnb’s involvement with the Support Jozi initiative coincides with the recent introduction of a discount programme in the Western Cape. Aimed at attracting digital nomads, which forms a fundamental part of the Western Cape’s tourism recovery strategy, Airbnb is offering discounts of up to 50% off stays booked for 28 days or longer.

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