A strip club in PE is selling booze and giving pole dances – all from the comfort of your car

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Pontsho Mabena/Business Insider South Africa
Business Insider SA
  • A Port Elizabeth strip club is advertising a "strip-through", which combines alcohol sales with a strip show.
  • You get booze, and if you pay extra, a show, without ever having to leave your car.
  • The alcohol sales stop at 17:00, but the shows continue until 20:00 every night.
  • It's only on a temporary basis; the club will stop the outdoors dancing once the weather gets too cold.
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Want to avoid the queues when buying alcohol? A strip club in Port Elizabeth is offering drive-thru liquor sales – and a show.

Restaurants, liquor stores, and theatres have all been hit hard by the lockdown, but spare a thought for your local strip club, where "no touching" has never been easier to enforce.

Clients simply aren’t excited for socially distanced lap dances and, until now, the audience for sexy surgical masks has been relatively niche.

But one brave South African strip club has gone drive-through.

Pontsho Mabena/Business Insider South Africa
Business Insider SA

Here’s how it works: when you arrive at Candy’s Revue Bar, a lovely lady who is not a real nurse will walk up to your car and take your alcohol order. A short time later, your order will be brought out to you, neatly skipping the queue you would likely have faced at a more traditional bottlestore.

However, as is so often the case with strip clubs, if you want to see more, then you'll have to pay. 

Pontsho Mabena/Business Insider South Africa
Business Insider SA

According to its website, Candy’s normally offers table dances for R330 (or R300 if you pay in cash). But in these cash-strapped times, just R250 will buy you drive-through access to the floor show, where you can help young women work their way through university all from the comfort of your car.

If you've paid the cover charge, the young lady and her colleagues will entertain you while you wait for your alcohol. It’s like a midnight fast-food drive-through, but some of the people are better dressed.

Pontsho Mabena/Business Insider South Africa
Business Insider SA

However, after months of lockdown, Candy’s knows what you really, really want: alcohol.

A six-pack of Amstel lager costs R75 (or R270 a case), while a bottle of Jack Daniel’s retails for R300 and Klipdrift for R200. A five-litre box of “Dry Red” or “Dry White” wine costs R200.

According to Charl Muller, the owner of Candy's, he got the idea of a "strip-through" after he saw a similar initiative from a US club.

"We spoke to the girls and said we had to think outside the box."

The club's dancers were enthusiastic about the idea, he says, not least because it gives them the chance to earn an income.

"They've been supporting us throughout," he says. "They've even been coming in to help us set up."

The club has not been able to operate under lockdown, and the staff have so far been unable to earn a salary or the tips they rely on.

"Not all of them are contributors to UIF, and it's not like anyone is giving them a handout," says Muller. When the Alert Level 3 regulations were published, Muller took them to his lawyer, who confirmed the club would be able to sell liquor on a drive-through basis.

And, during Level 3, premises with on-site liquor licences can sell for off-site consumption, which is why your local restaurants, or clubs like Candy's can temporarily sell alcohol.

The club sells liquor strictly from 09:00 to 17:00, as required by regulations, but the club stays open and the dancers continue dancing until about 20:00, Muller says – after which it gets too cold.

The strip-through is a temporary solution, admits Muller. "We've put up a tent for privacy but the dancers can't stay out in the cold forever. We'll probably have to pack up when it gets cold."

"It's also a temporary solution for the girls to get some much-needed income. All of them are sitting at home, and bored, and they just want things to get back to normal. We're making the best of what we have."

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