• Icelandic budget airline Wow Air is seeking two people to move to Iceland and travel the world for free while producing content and travel tips for its website.
  • The successful applicants will be paid a monthly salary to stay in an apartment in Reykjavik, which they'll use as a base for their travels.
  • The trip will begin on June 1 and last until August 15.

We are almost halfway through the year, which means holiday-planning for many people — and if you have some free time on your hands over the next few months, you could be in luck.

Budget Icelandic airline Wow Air is seeking two friends who would like to travel the world together this summer while blogging and vlogging about their experiences — and getting paid to do it.

The low-cost carrier is launching the WOW Travel Guide competition on April 23. It says it's looking for a "fun pair of individuals who are able to think big." This can either be two content creators, or one that wants to bring a friend along for the adventure. The competition is open to everyone, including South Africans, with the one caveat: you "must have good command of the English language and be able to express yourself and your ideas clearly in English."

The successful applicants will move to Iceland from June 1 until August 15, where they'll receive a monthly salary and live in an apartment (pictured below) in downtown Reykjavik. They'll use this as a base to travel to destinations served by Wow Air across Europe and North America, and will also explore Iceland.

The winners will be allowed to pick where they go, a representative for the airline told Business Insider, which could include places like Barcelona, Los Angeles, Stockholm, and New York.

Each traveller will receive a salary of around R20,000 per month, which comes in addition to the apartment, as well as transportation, and various other tours around Iceland. Travel and living expenses will also be covered by the airline while the pair are visiting other destinations.

The successful applicants will be required to document their trips, capturing short videos and writing budget-friendly travel tips to create guides for the destinations they visit. Their content, which will include videos, gifs and blog posts, will be posted to a section on the Wow Air website called Travel Guide.

To apply, candidates should head to the competition website and upload a two-minute video clip offering travel tips for their hometown. The contest is open to candidates across the world.

The deadline for entries is May 14, after which a panel of judges will select the winners to be announced via social media on May 18, just in time for the adventure to begin on June 1.

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