A woman walks past the world's tallest sand sculpture, under construction in Blokhus, Denmark on July 7, 2021.
  • Standing at 21 metres tall, the sandcastle was made with nearly 5,000 metric tons of sand.
  • The structure was created Dutch artist Wilfred Stijger with the help of 30 other sand sculptors.
  • It's almost 10 feet taller than one built in 2019 that previously held the Guinness World Record.
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Construction on the world's tallest sandcastle was completed in Denmark this week, The Guardian reported.

The structure stands around 21 metres tall and was made with nearly 5,000 tonnes of sand. The sandcastle is almost 3 metres taller than one built in Germany in 2019 that previously held the Guinness World Record.

In the small seaside town of Blokhus in Denmark, the world's tallest sandcastle has been completed.

The sandcastle was created by Wilfred Stijger, a Dutch artist, with the help of 30 other sand sculptors. It is located in Blokhus, a small beach town on Denmark's northern shore and features elaborate designs including depictions of local attractions like lighthouses, windsurfing, and kite surfing.

Stijger said the sculpture represents "the power the coronavirus has had over the world since the beginning of the pandemic," The Guardian wrote.

"It's ruling our lives everywhere," Stijger told the outlet. "It tells you what to do ... It tells you to stay away from your family and not go to nice places. Don't do activities, stay home."

A sand sculpture depiction of the virus sits atop the structure like a crown, USA Today reported. Other coronavirus-related images were included in the design, such as syringes and people wearing masks.

The castle also includes some clay and a layer of glue that will help it withstand unstable weather, The Guardian said. It's expected to remain standing until February or March of 2022.

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