The world's first virtual reality gym has opened its doors to fitness and gaming enthusiasts alike in San Francisco.

Black Box VR was founded by fitness fanatics Ryan DeLuca and Preston Lewis in 2016, after they tried using VR for the first time.

The experience was so immersive they thought it could disrupt the training industry, if they could implement resistance training, gaming principles and high intensity cardio to the mix.

What came out is a full-blown fitness game, that gives gym bunnies and gamers a chance to work out in style. Players can level up the more they train and earn avatars with different abilities along the way. 

Black Box.
Source Black Box.

In reality, you’re doing a 30 minute workout session, using a "hands-free" VR controller, linked to a network of sensors that tracks movement. The workout includes a combination of self-automated resistance training on a cable machine as well free form training like punching.

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