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In the Dell Technologies, “Work from Anywhere Tech Talk Series”, Dell thought leaders share insights into the latest Tech Trends shaping and being shaped by the world, as we know it. Taking viewers through an informative journey looking at how organisations can take advantage of market conditions, the series pinpoints collaboration and connectivity, and the technologies enabling this, as the next frontier.

In episode one, viewers are introduced to “The Intelligent Edge”. As data and network traffic increases exponentially, in many cases the need for low-latency processing and automated decision-making is driving the need for Edge Computing. The product covered in episode one is the OptiPlex Ultra Desktop, which is a fully modular zero footprint desktop solution that offers swappable elements for ultimate flexibility and performance. Watch episode 1:

Episode two of the series, titled “The Intelligent PC” covers how Dell Technologies is augmenting PCs with technologies like AI to offer smarter, personalised experiences. The episode also looks at Data from the Dell Technologies Data Transformation Index, covers the importance of end-point security and how Dell Technologies is ensuring it produces sustainable packaging, printing, and products. Watch episode 2:

The third episode looks at how AI disruption will unlock human potential”. Learn what AI is and how AI and big data can be used hand in hand to deliver data driven insights and informed decision making. Hear how AI disruption can unlock human potential by offloading thinking tasks to AI leading to faster, deeper, and more meaningful insights. This will enable humankind to focus on greater innovation, purposeful work, and ultimately more human connections. Watch episode 3: 

Multi Cloud environments may prove to be complex to manage, in episode 4, learn how to conquer Cloud complexity and turn it into Cloud agility by standardising services like infrastructure and operations across cloud vendors. Learn how to bring your Hybrid Cloud strategy to life in a manageable way and how to scale it according to your business model. Finally, find out about the security features embedded in the latest Dell Latitude devices. Watch episode 4: 

In the last episode of the “Work from Anywhere” series, “The Promise of 5G” is explored along with the three major elements that come into play with 5G as well as the three phases of 5G and how South Africa stands in terms of these phases. Learn how 5G and IoT are the catalysts empowering the Intelligent Edge. From a product perspective, find out how the Dell Latitude 9520 business laptop and 2-in-1 is not only 5G ready, but how this machine truly facilitates collaboration. Watch episode 5:

The pace of digital transformation has quickened and shows no sign of slowing. This series allows viewers to explore how to meet this rapid pace of change from the edge to the data center, through distributed work and modern consumption, with cybersecurity, 5G infrastructure, digital experiences, and data management. Look out for Dell Technologies’ next Tech Talk Series, to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements, products, and market conditions.

This post and content is sponsored, written and provided by Intel and Dell Technologies.