(Screenshot, Twitter)
(Screenshot, Twitter)
  • A video of students claiming Woolworths’ water changes accents has gone viral. 
  • After drinking the water, the students' accents change and they started using words such as “metamorphosis” and “photosynthesis”. 
  • Woolworths called the video “exquisite” and said they’ll contact the students.  

A video of four students claiming Woolworths’ water has special powers has gone viral. 

The video, released on Sunday with the hashtag #Woolieswaterchallenge, shows Twitter users @Bab_Sinkila, @MossBanele, @MabokoItumeleng and @gomolemon_ exiting a Woolworths’ store with the retailer’s water. 

“Right madoda, awuthi ngiphuze amanzi ase Woolies, abathi ane power,” the group says in IsiZulu which roughly translates to: "Right guys, let me drink water from Woolies, apparently the water has special powers." 

After the first sip of water, the group's accents drastically change and they start using words such as "boet", “metamorphosis”, “photosynthesis” and “amalgamate”. 

“This water is exquisite,” one of the men said to which another replies: “Ja, Boet you know what I’m talking about.” 

“Ja, gents this is amazing. It’s amazing," another student said. "Diction and articulation: the key components of communication." 

 The clip trended on Twitter by Tuesday morning, and was retweeted over 1,800 times including by South African celebrities DJ Fresh, Pearl Thusi, Maps Maponyane‏ and Anele. 

South Africans also shared their own experiences of the #Woolieswaterchallenge on social media. 

In a tweet, Woolworths called the video “exquisite”. 

“We’d love to amalgamate with you. Sliding into your DMs now…,” the retailer tweeted at the group. 

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