Woolworths forced to change its sliced ham label after '100% pork' claim

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woolworths, pork meat, ham
Woolworths' sliced ham sandwich packaging with a “South Africa 100% Pork” stamp. (Woolworths)
  • Woolworths has to withdraw its sliced sandwich ham label, which is branded “South Africa 100% Pork”.
  • It says that it refers to the fact that the meat is local.
  • But the country's ad regulator says shoppers may mistake it for a claim that the product is 100% pork meat, while it only contains 70% pork. 

Woolworths must withdraw its label for sliced sandwich ham after the advertising regulator found in favour of a complainant.

The label currently reads  “South Africa 100% Pork” and a consumer, Jean Naude, filed a complaint with the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) as the product contained only 70% pork.

woolworths, pork, packaging
“South Africa 100% Pork” stamp on Woolworths' sliced sandwich ham packaging. (Woolworths)

Woolworths contended that the label was "used to inform customers that the product carrying the stamp is made using only SA meat raw material," and that they're simply following food regulations on labelling.

But the ARB found that the label could easily be construed as meaning that the product contained 100% pork meat.

The label could give shoppers the wrong impression of the product, which the ARB deems as misleading according to the advertising code.

It found the packaging to be "ambiguous at best," and ordered its withdrawal with immediate effect.

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