The new Woolworths payment device, which has been introduced at tills across the country.
  • A widespread problem with its card devices forced some Woolworths stores to only accept cash on Saturday.
  • The company said its service has been "partially restored".
  • The outage was blamed on a "global incident", according to one store.
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Some Woolworths stores only accepted cash on Saturday after a problem with the chain's card devices, while some stores may still experience outages on Sunday.

Woolworths spokesperson told Business Insider that service has been "partially restored". 

“Today (Saturday) we experienced a technical issue on our card devices, resulting in some stores being unable to accept all payment cards," a spokesperson told Business Insider. 

"Our technical teams are investigating and working with our partners to fully restore all services, as soon as possible. We would like to apologise to our customers for the inconvenience.”

While Woolworths did not confirm the reason for the outage, a sign at one store blamed "a global incident".

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Woolworths rolled out new card devices across stores last year.

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