• Salami sticks are produced in the Enterprise Polokwane and Germiston factories linked to the country's current Listeriosis outbreak. 
  • Woolworths, however, said its ingredients are sourced separately from those Enterprise used for its own processed-meat products.
  • Woolworths products also apparently never make contact with other Enterprise products.

Woolworths' beloved salami sticks are sliced and packed in the Enterprise Polokwane and Germiston factories – the same factories which were closed down after samples tested positive for the strain of listeria responsible for the deadly outbreak of Listeriosis. 

Listeriosis has killed 183 people in South Africa since January 2017. 

Woolworths, however, believe its products remain safe to eat, head of communication Susie Squire told Business Insider South Africa on Monday afternoon.  

"We do not stock any Enterprise products," Squire explained. "Woolworths’ range of sliced and processed meats is strictly made to our own unique formulations and recipes."

Aside from salami sticks, Woolworths has also recalled smoked chicken, viennas, and cooked hams, among other products.

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Squire emphasised that Woolworths' products do not have any contact with other Enterprise-produced items, and said its ingredients are also sourced separately. 

The retailer has a team of food scientists and technologists who independently test and audit food products, she said.

"While we are confident in our product, we are complying with the directive from the department of health that all products produced at the implicated sites should be recalled," Squire said. 

Business Insider South Africa previously reported that imported "white slime" can possibly be linked to the current Listeriosis outbreak in the country. 

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Squire said Woolworths does not make use of "white slime" in its products. 

"We specify sourcing of meat only from approved suppliers where the strictest animal welfare standards are upheld," she said. 

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