The thumbnail of a RebelTV YouTube video, shot in
The thumbnail of a RebelTV YouTube video, shot in the United States, where a man tried to cut strangers' air in public (Screenshot).
  • Pick n Pay confirmed that a prankster attempted to cut off the ponytail of a customer in Cape Town.
  • The customer was considering buying jelly beans when the man approached her with a shaver.
  • The prank was filmed without permission and the video has since been removed from social media.
  • For more, go to Business Insider South Africa.

A man pretended to cut off a woman's ponytail at a Pick n Pay branch in Cavendish, Cape Town, on Thursday afternoon in a prank, the retailer confirmed.

This may have been part of a bizarre American prank, with various videos of men cutting off ponytails going viral in recent years.

The man approached the woman with an electric shaver, while she in the sweets section. 

The customer realised the man's intention before he was able to cut her hair. 

Pick n Pay spokesperson Janine Caradonna said the retailer strongly condemns the incident as it wants to provide a safe environment for customers.

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“Permission was not given to film this prank in our store and we have since been in touch with the person responsible,” Caradonna told Business Insider South Africa.

“Our store manager immediately assisted the customer concerned and we have been in touch with her again today to make sure she is alright.”

Business Insider spoke to the woman, who wished not to be named.

W24 reported that 20-year-old Instagram content creator Dylan Wannenberg was the man involved in the prank. 

He reportedly never intended to cut-off the woman's hair, but simply to "make people laugh". Wannenberg removed the video as soon as he spoke to Pick n Pay. 

Cutting a stranger’s hair in public is a well-known prank in the United States, with YouTube channels such as RebelTV and RiceMan receiving millions of views for the resultant videos. 

Examples of videos in the US where strangers' hair
Examples of videos in the US where strangers' hair are cut in public (screenshot)

The videos typically feature a young man cutting the hair of strangers, often women, in public while being filmed in the distance.