How likely it is that Prince William will see the throne

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Prince William will most likely see his father become king.
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  • The royal line of succession is followed when it comes to determining who will be seated at the throne next.
  • The line of succession is The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, and then Prince George.
  • Females born into the royal family after October 2011 will now be included in the line of succession.

The world may be abuzz with the latest looks that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are rocking, but there are other important royal questions that you may be wondering the answers to. Like, how possible it is that Prince William will become the King of England someday? The answer is fairly straightforward, but there is a little more to it than you might think.

Here's how likely it is that Prince William will see the throne during his lifetime.

Determining the next line for the throne means following the rules

Prince Charles is first in line for the throne.
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There are two ways that a royal can make it to the throne. According to Buckingham Palace, the succession to the throne is determined by the line of ancestry as well as by laws put into place by the British government.

Parliamentary statutes dictate that succession to the British throne is influenced by the following factors: descent, legitimacy, religion, and sex for anyone born after October 28, 2011. This means that girls, like Princess Charlotte, may now be considered for the throne in the future.

When or if the queen does step down, or passes on, then Prince Charles - not Prince William - will be seated to the throne first. Prince Charles is Elizabeth II's eldest son, which is why he is first in line following the Queen. So, where does Prince William fit into all of this?

Prince William will have to wait his turn to become the King of England

Prince George follows in line after Prince William.
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"When the Queen dies, Prince Charles will automatically become King," Robert Hazell, Professor of Government and the Constitution at the University College London, told INSIDER. "So, during William's lifetime, he will almost certainly see his father become King. Only if Charles dies before the Queen, would William become King when the Queen dies."This means that, if or when Prince William becomes the King of England, that Kate, too, will become the Queen of England. The royal couple was married on April 29, 2011, in an elaborate ceremony in front of 1,900 people at Westminister Abbey.

"When William becomes King, Kate will become Queen," Hazell said. "There is nothing to prevent William becoming King, other than his own premature death."

Next up in line? No, it's not Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex will most likely never see the throne in his lifetime, as he's behind William and Kate children, according to the line of succession determined by Buckingham Palace. It would be William and Kate's son, Prince George, who would be next in line for the royal throne.

"If William were to die before Charles, then on the death of Charles, Prince George would become King," said Hazell.

After Prince George, it would be Princess Charlotte and then Prince Louis. Only after William and Kate's three children are ineligible to take the throne would it be Prince Harry's chance to become the King of England.

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