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These were some of the weirdest job titles in SA the past year – including ‘guillotine operator’ and ‘phlebotomist’

James de Villiers , Business Insider SA
 Oct 03, 2019, 07:02 AM
  • Job platform Adzuna recently released a list of the weirdest job titles in South Africa. 
  • The company worked through over 140,000 job postings to compile the list. 
  • Weird job titles include "guillotine operator" and "phlebotomist". 
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Online job aggregator Adzuna recently released a list of the weirdest job titles it found posted on its platform during the past year.

Jesse Green, Adzuna South Africa’s country manager, said the platform combed through over 140,000 job postings to compile the list. 

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These are the five weirdest job titles the company spotted.

Guillotine Operator

“Although it might sound like it, this job has nothing to do with beheadings,” Green said.

The role requires someone to operate a device that slice through materials like paper and metal sheets. 


A phlebotomist is employed in the medical field as someone responsible to draw blood from patients for clinical or medical testing, research, transfusions and more. 

Excellence Consultant

In the ever-demanding consumer market where customers demand the highest standards, excellence consultants are responsible to maintain the best customer service, Green said.

“[They] can be seen as the quality police of the industry.” 

Data Wrangler

Data wranglers are responsible for ensuring business managers are able to understand what their data means, Green said.

A data wrangle organises data in such a fashion that it is easily understandable for companies to make the best possible decisions. 

Brand Evangelist

Brand evangelists are also known as marketing brand managers, Green said.

“Most of us know these men and women and brand ambassadors, but adding the term ‘evangelist’ to the title just makes it sound a little more extraordinary,” he said.

They typically give customers an in-depth review of the products they bought, with the aim of convincing the customer to buy the product.

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