• When Nigel Edmunds can't find friends to go paddleboarding with, he goes with his cat instead.
  • The pair have been paddleboarding for four months and the cat has only fallen into the water once.
  • Edmunds says that 'it's like going for a paddle with a friend.'

Noodle, a one-year old Singapura cat, regularly takes to the water with Nigel Edmunds.

"My wife though I was a bit crazy taking her out for the first time but once she saw her on the board she realised that Noodle was enjoying it and yes, we've done it regularly ever since," says Edmunds, a paddleboarder.

Nigel Edmunds takes one-year-old Noodle for trips on the waterways of Essex and Suffolk. (BBC News)

The pair regularly paddle along the River Stour and on the North Sea in England.

When balancing on the board gets a bit too much at times though, Edmunds says, Noodle jumps up for a cuddle.

Edmunds and Noodle have been paddleboarding on the water for four months and she's only fallen in once.

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