Dawn over the White House on November 3, 2020 — Election Day.
  • Getty Images photographer Alex Wong photographed the White House under a rosy early-morning sky on Tuesday, or Election Day.
  • The picture shows the US flag flying over the White House's Executive Residence viewed from the north west, with some lights already switched on.
  • The country is unlikely to find out who wins the presidential election and other key down-ballot races by Tuesday night.
  • Election results are never truly finalized on election night, but in most past years, enough of the results have come in on election night for big news networks and outlets to call the winner of the race.
  • But because of the increase in Americans casting mail ballots, which take longer to process and count than in-person votes and can arrive after Election Day in many states, the outcome of the presidential race and other key races may not be called on election night itself.
  • Around 100 million Americans have already voted early.
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