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Heads or Tails? SA Mint finally settles the debate

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 Oct 21, 2019, 05:08 PM
(Twitter, @Katlego_Moncho)
(Twitter, @Katlego_Moncho)
  • South Africans have been debating the past week which side of a coin is the head. 
  • The South African Mint finally settled the issue, revealing that the coat of arms is the head of the coin. 
  • It unlocked quite a response on social media. 
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The South African Mint has revealed that the side of the coat of arms is the head of a coin, and the side with the animal is the tail.

Twitter user @Katlego_Moncho first asked her followers which was head or tails of a coin last week Tuesday.

This lead to quite a debate on Twitter.  

Some people said the comments themselves confused them. 

Responding to the tweet days later, the South African Mint (@SAMint) said heads is the official stateside of a coin. 

In South Africa’s case it is the coat of arms, and the animal side the tails, the Mint said. 

The response was met with frustration from twitter users who claimed that the South African Mint was spreading fake news. 

The South African Mint, a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB),  is responsible for minting all coins of the South African rand. 

It also prints commemorative coins to mark significant events or occurrences in the country's history.

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni recently revealed that the country’s next dinosaur-themed commemorative coin will feature Coelophysis rhodesiensis, a two-legged carnivore that grew to a relatively diminutive 3 metres tall.

Read: SA is getting a new dinosaur-themed R25 coin next year – and a less angry leopard on other coins

Mboweni formalised the design by publication in the Government Gazette, declaring the 1 ounce fine silver coin will be a legal tender, worth R25, from 1 January 2020.

The coin is the latest in the collectible – and popular – Natura series from the SA Mint, which has been making the range in gold since 1994. The first silver coin was announced last November.

(Compiled by James de Villiers) 

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