Rihanna has been very tight-lipped about which fragrance she wears.
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  • On Tuesday, a Twitter user created a thread pointing out the many times celebrities have talked about how great Rihanna smells.
  • Celebrities from Ryan Seacrest to Jennifer Lawrence have gushed about Rihanna's scent over the years, with some saying she smells "like heaven" and "like dreams and wishes coming true."
  • Back in 2016, Rihanna's friend said the songstress wears Love By Kilian, a perfume with notes of neroli, orange blossom, and marshmallow, that retails for up to $870 (R12,400).
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Rihanna is a musician, style icon, and business mogul with a make-up brand and lingerie line. Apparently, she's also a real pro at choosing which fragrances to wear.

On Tuesday, Twitter user @thickannawhore rounded up the many instances celebrities have raved about Rihanna's signature scent. And one thing's for sure - a lot of stars think she smells really, really good.

Most recently, rapper Lil Nas X described Rihanna as smelling 'like heaven' and he's not the first one to do so

In a recent video interview for Q4 Music, Lil Nas X was asked about his favourite smell and he responded, "Rihanna." When asked what she smelled like, he said, "She smells like heaven."

And Lil Nas X isn't the first celebrity to describe Rihanna's scent this way.

During a 2015 interview on "The Ellen Show," "Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons, who worked with Rihanna on the 2015 animated film, also said that Rihanna smells like "heaven."

"'I've been doing press for like the past four days with Rihanna and Steve [Martin], but Rihanna smells so good. I am not kidding. She has a scent," he explained.

The songstress has also been described as smelling like 'dreams and wishes coming true' and she's been dubbed the best-smelling celebrity by others

After posing for a photo with Rihanna at the 2019 BET Awards, Cardi B told photographers, "She smell good!"

Back in 2018, musician Olly Alexander spoke about the first time he met Rihanna in an interview with Beats 1, telling the interviewer that Rihanna smells "like dreams and wishes coming true."

And in 2016, Nick Jonas told The Sun that he "flirted with Rihanna once" though it didn't work, adding, "She smells amazing, that is one thing I can tell you. Everyone says it but I have actually smelt her now and it's amazing."

In 2015, Ryan Seacrest tweeted about how he smells everyone on the red carpet and, of all the stars he sniffed at the Grammys, he wrote that Rihanna was "the best smelling" one.

And in 2013, during a BBC interview, actress Jennifer Lawrence reflected on meeting Rihanna, saying, "She was so, so beautiful and she had like really, really soft skin and smelled really good."

It's not confirmed which scent Rihanna is wearing these days, but in 2016 her friend said the singer wears the fragrance Love By Killian

Rihanna has been very tight-lipped about which fragrance she wears.

Although the singer has not confirmed which fragrance she wears, Rihanna's friend, who goes by @stylishgent on Instagram, posted a video in 2016 saying the singer was wearing Love By Killian. In the video, you can hear Rihanna protesting in the background, saying, "That's some secret bulls---. I don't even tell anyone what I wear."

This perfume from the brand By Killian goes by the full name Love, Don't Be Shy. With notes of neroli, orange blossom, and marshmallow, the fragrance appears to be a mix of sweet and floral smells.

According to the brand's website, a 240g carafe of Love retails for $870 (R12,400), though you can buy a smaller 50g refillable spray bottle of it for $295 (R4,200).

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