Beans, sweetcorn, peas, and spaghetti: These are the cans Koo is recalling

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Tiger recalled cans
  • South Africa’s biggest food manufacturer, Tiger Brands, has announced the recall of approximately 20 million canned goods.
  • This comes after a defective side seam was detected in cans.
  • At least 24 KOO products, manufactured between 1 May 2019 to 5 May 2021, are affected.
  • With baked beans and mixed vegetables being the hardest hit.
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Approximately 20 million KOO and Hugo's canned vegetable products have been recalled by South Africa’s biggest food manufacturer, Tiger Brands. This follows the detection of a defective side seam in an “extremely small number” of canned goods produced between 1 May 2019 to 5 May 2021.

At least 24 KOO products are being removed from supermarket shelves countrywide. Customers who’ve already bought affected canned vegetables – identified by the manufacturing date code stamped on the bottom or top of the can – have been offered a full refund.

KOO recall
Manufacturing date code

The recall of some 20 million cans – representing 9% of annual production, estimated to be worth between R500 million and R650 million – comes after defects were identified in May. While some of these affected batches were identified prior to the final labelling of the finished products, Tiger Brands admitted on Monday that defective cans had been released to the market.

At least 18 defective cans were discovered at one of Tiger Brands' facilities in May. This prompted an investigation which studied 287,040 cans after the transport and handling test, of which two cans had developed a side seam leak.

The side seam leaks present a risk of secondary microbial contamination.

“Where such contamination occurs, it will present a low probability of illness and injury if the contaminated product is consumed,” Tiger Brands said in a statement issued on Monday morning.

KOO recall
KOO products recalled

Popular KOO products which have been recalled include:

KOO Baked Beans

Koo Bakes beans in tomato sauce, tomato sauce-lite, chilli sauce, tomato & herb, curry sauce, hot chakalaka, BBQ flavoured and chilli wors flavoured are affected by the recall.

KOO Butter Beans

KOO Butter Beans in brine, tangy curry sauce, and tomato sauce have been recalled.

KOO Mixed Vegetables

KOO mixed vegetables in sweet and spicy curry sauce, hot curry sauce, curry sauce, Cape Malay curry sauce, Durban curry sauce and brine have been withdrawn from shelves.

KOO sweetcorn, garden peas, and spaghetti

KOO creamstyle sweetcorn and whole kernel in brine have been recalled. Two batches of KOO fresh garden peas in brine have also been withdrawn, along with surfmaid peas petit pois in sweetened brine and short spaghetti in flavoured tomato sauce.

A full list of affected products – with barcodes – can be found on KOO’s website.

(Compiled by Luke Daniel)

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