Joburg councillors owe
  • The City of Johannesburg expects nearly three quarters of all the money consumers owe it to never be paid.
  • If that provision is accurate, Joburg will lose more than R16 billion in money due to it.
  • It's not just ordinary residents, though; the city's own councillors aren't paying their bills either.

Councillors of the City of Johannesburg owed the municipality they govern more than R1 million on their own consumer accounts at the end of its financial year – and most of them were at least three months overdue on their payments

According to Joburg's financial statements, published this week, 26 councillors owed the city a combined R1,078,636 as of 30 June. 

Just under R950,000 of that had been outstanding for more than 90 days, the city said.

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During the year the city paid its councillors a combined R156 million in total remuneration.

Johannesburg now expects to write off just over R16 billion in consumer debt, after a 20% increase in the year in its provisions for debt impairment.

Here is the full list of City of Johannesburg councillors who had outstanding debts on their consumer accounts with the city at the end of its financial year.

Joburg council full list

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