• We tried hot chicken wings from three fast-food chains to find out whose are the best.
    • Nando's handily beat its competitors

    Chicken wings have been a beloved part of South African cuisine for many years.

    The story goes that the first chicken wing was deep-fried half a century ago, when a New York bar accidentally received an order of wing tips and didn’t know what else to do with it.

    Since then, chicken wings have taken flight across the world. In South Africa, we like our wings hot.

    Business Insider South Africa taste-tested hot wing offerings from the three most popular chicken take-out brands.

    We were looking for the right combination of spice, freshness and texture. 

    1. Nandos Winglets. Price: R39.50 for six and R59.50 for 10. 

    Firstly, we didn’t even know Nando’s served chicken wings. The brand is best known for its chicken basted in its own brand of sauces, and we especially love its new Mozambican Paprika flavour.

    Perhaps the Nando’s focus on sauce is what gave them the edge, but we simply loved their wings.

    It had a strong spicy kick, but the wings also were wonderfully aromatic. Also, they were soft and succulent, and not too fatty. Perfectly prepared and surprisingly good. By far the hottest of the wings we tried.

    2. Chicken Licken. Price: R28.90 for 6 or R54.90 for 12

    As long-standing Chicken Licken wingmen and -women, for us, this was the one to beat. Unfortunately for Chicken Licken, Nando’s did exactly that.

    We have always loved these delicious fresh and tender wings – with the spice just on the correct side of friggin' hot.

    But while the Chicken Licken texture is exactly right, Nando’s wings offer a much better taste experience.

    3. KFC Hot Zinger wingsR44.90 for eight wings

    We needed water after tasting the KFC wings. But not because it was so spicy. It was for lubrication: These wings are extremely dry. Crunchy, but not in a great way. Still, they were very nice and fresh. But we were disappointed in the level of spice. 

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