Pizza Hut's KFC Chicken Pops Pizza
Pizza Hut's KFC Chicken Pops Pizza / Photo: BI

Pizza Hut South Africa recently added the KFC Chicken Pops Pizza to its menu.

Both Pizza Hut and KFC, which belong to Yum! Brands, are no strangers to experimental food offerings. The short-lived Double Down, which replaced burger buns with deep-fried chicken breasts, comes to mind. Pizza Hut’s chocolate-coated pizza base as a dessert was not to everyone’s taste.

The KFC Chicken Pops Pizza, while new to South Africa, has been around in the UK – and other parts of the globe – since February 2020. Pizza Hut introduced the unique pizza to South Africans at the end of March 2021.

It’s a simple enough formula. KFC chicken pops are sprinkled on Pizza Hut’s traditional thick crust base (although other crust and base options are available). A mix of mozzarella and cheddar cheese blanket the pizza and bring it all together.

In the UK version, the pizza is dotted with sweetcorn and KFC’s famous gravy. This combination received mixed reactions. In South Africa, the sweetcorn is replaced with tomato chunks and the gravy with “pizzanaise”, which resembles KFC's tangy Finger Lickin' Good Sauce.

Here is what the pops pizza is like

Big chunks of tomato…. Everywhere.

Not-so-finely-diced tomato literally carpets the pizza. There is no standard tomato-paste base – instead the tomato carpet is accompanied by a weird "pizzanaise" sauce which resembles KFC’s Finger Lickin’ Good sauce. The result is an overabundance of tomato flavours which is overbearing.

Pizza Hut's KFC Chicken Pops Pizza
Pizza Hut's KFC Chicken Pops Pizza / Photo: BI

The pops were kind of good – but rather spare and on the bland side

The KFC chicken pops are a welcome reprieve from the tomato flavours, although you’d be lucky to find more than two per slice.

Pop pizza
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Those used to eating pops with a conventional sprinkle of fruit and chutney flavouring could find the ones on the pizza quite bland.

The base and crust are as they should be, as is the cheese combo

Pizza Hut’s base and crust cannot be faulted. The heavy mozzarella-cheddar cheese combination compliments the chicken pops.

The verdict: Some things are best enjoyed separately

KFC recently ditched its age-old Finger Lickin' Good slogan – and associated sauce – due to the Covid-19 pandemic - the same firm standards of separation should have been applied to the KFC Chicken Pops Pizza.

A second tester described it as tasting like “a stale braai broodjie” (braai sandwich).

Pizza Hut popularised the pan-baked pizza with its distinctive crispy edge and thick cheese covering. KFC’s brand of southern fried chicken, with “Original Recipe" developed by colonel Sanders himself, is especially popular in South Africa.

However, the combination of the two does a disservice to fans of both brands.

The KFC Chicken Pops Pizza’s sells for R49.90 (for a small), R89.90 (for a medium) and R119.90 for a large (tradition pizza base). Prices may vary when ordering online.

If you’re really craving Pizza Hut and KFC, our suggestion is to order a traditional margherita and a small sprinkle pops. To be enjoyed separately, for roughly the same price.

(Compiled by Luke Daniel)

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