• Huawei launched its new Watch GT 2 series in SA last month and we put it to the test. 
  • We took it for a run to see how the heart rate monitor, step counter and outdoor work out mode performs under pressure. 
  • With 15 workout modes to choose from, we couldn’t stop there and tested it in cycling, swimming, rowing, elliptical, indoor running and general workout mode.    
  • Alongside improved display, we were impressed by the way Huawei’s flagship watch captured, compared and summarised post-workout data and incredible battery life.  

In October, Huawei launched its Watch GT 2 series in South Africa. One of the main features of Huawei’s flagship watch is that it supports up to 15 workout modes ranging from hiking to open water swimming to free training. To test out the features of this new wearable, we decided to take it for a run…and a swim, cycle, row, elliptical spin, indoor run and gym session.

Gathering three keen colleagues with varying fitness levels and different exercise preferences we asked them to put the watch through its paces during their workouts. 

Here are 3 standout features we loved:   


Heart Rate Monitor 

On all three the participants the heart rate monitor reflected their bpm’s consistently across their different workouts. The Huawei Watch GT 2 is said to help monitor bradycardia and heart failure by notifying users if their heart rate is above 100 bpm during exercise - which we caught a glimpse of. One user exceeded a 170 bpm for 10 minutes after which the watch notified her to slow down.   


Workout Status 

The workout status on the Huawei Watch GT2 examines changes in your cardio-respiratory fitness (VO2max*) by comparing your current workout with patterns in your activity history. The different workout statuses include productive, unproductive, maintaining, recovery, overreaching, detraining, and peaking. All three of our participants noted that besides the valuable insights, the workout status?gave them extra motivation.  

Recover Time 

Recovery Time?is a countdown timer that begins at the end of your activity and lets you know when your body will be fully recovered and ready to go for round two. For example, one of our participants had a recovery time of 11 hours after his intensive indoor spinning session. Showing that recovery time is calculated based on the strenuousness of you workout allowing time for your body to rest properly until you’re ready to go again in order to minimise the risk of overtraining or injury.


The general feedback from our three guinea pigs was that the Huawei Watch GT 2 is a successful smartwatch that?offers?more than?just easy access to?push notifications from your phone and your bestie on speed dial.?It?manages to give you the information you need and expect after a workout in a well presented and easy comprehensible way. The post workout reports shows you something valuable about yourself, your health and your lifestyle,?and?gives?you?the?insights you need to improve.  

*VO2max?is the scientific metric used to describe your cardio-respiratory fitness. 

This post is sponsored by Huawei produced by Business Insider Studio for Business Insider South Africa.