We tested Burger King's limited edition milk tart milkshake - and it's so good we don't want to see it go

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News24's social media editor Kelly Anderson thought the Burger King milk tart milkshake tastes "really, really good". (James de Villiers, Business Insider South Africa)
  • Burger King launched a limited edition milk tart milkshake in the run-up to Heritage Day.
  • Our office blind-tested it, and while only two people immediately recognised the flavour, all loved it. 
  • The sentiment is apparently shared among social media users.

In the run-up to Heritage Day on September 24, Burger King launched a limited edition milk tart milkshake.

We tested it in our office without telling participants what flavour it was. Only two of our testers guessed right straightaway it was supposed to be milk tart – but all agreed: this is one delicious milkshake.

The tasters immediately picked up the cinnamon, along with the vanilla. But they don't think the cinnamon is overpowering at all, and it seems as if Burger King got the combination just right. 

The milkshake also had the “normal” aftertaste you would associate with milk tart, one of our taste testers said – it went down really well. “There was no chemical aftertaste,” he said.

The texture of the milkshake was “very, very smooth”, according to another taster. 

"Loads of vanilla, and very smooth," said News24 night news editor Mpho Raborife (James de Villiers, Business Insider South Africa)

It was creamy, but refreshing at the same time. 

While one lone dissenter thought it was too sweet, the rest of our group thought it had exactly the right sugar kick.

"Not bad at all." News24 acting deputy news editor Paul Herman (James de Villiers, Business Insider South Africa)

Wheels24 editor Sergio Davids also liked the strong cinnamon taste. (James de Villiers, Business Insider South Africa)

In fact, there was a little scuffle about who would get to finish the milkshake.

James de Villiers (Business Insider SA) won the right to finish the milkshake.

The milkshake scored an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 – and we think Burger King should consider adding it as a permanent fixture.

This sentiment is shared on the Burger King Facebook page, where the response towards the new limited edition milk tart milkshake was overwhelmingly positive.

"What do you mean 'limited time'? Finally a lekker flavour, and now it's limited," one follower lamented.

"Wow, wow, it's the best I have ever tasted," another fan wrote on Burger King's Facebook page. "Definitely tastes like milk tart, had to try it out yesterday," said a fan.

The milk tart milkshake, launched on September 17th, is available as a Heritage Day special along with Burger King's boerewors sandwich. Burger King also has a peppermint crisp ice cream desert. 

The fast food chain is now planning more uniquely South African milkshakes and asked its customers for flavour suggestion.

On its Facebook page, fans have proposed flavours like malva pudding and custard and blueberry cheesecake. There was one suggestion for a mageu (fermented maize pap) milkshake. 

"This is beyond good, said News24 investigative journalist Jean le Roux (James de Villiers, Business Insider South Africa)

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