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We found love on Tinder, here's how you can too

James de Villiers , Business Insider SA
 Mar 03, 2018, 07:40 AM
Lizbe Botes met "the man of her dreams" Marcel Henze, 29, in December 2014 — just three weeks after she downloaded the location-based dating app.

"If it wasn't for Tinder I wouldn't have found the love of my life," Lizbè Botes told Business Insider South Africa. 

"I wasn't expecting it, but now I can't imagine life without him."

Lizbe, 25, met "the man of her dreams," Marcel Henze, 29, in December 2014 — just three weeks after she downloaded the location-based dating app. They are set to be married in April.

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The two, who both deleted Tinder the day after they met each other, gave Business Insider some tips to finding "the one" on the app.

Write a bio.

"The thing that attracted me the most to Marcel was his bio. He wrote he is obsessed with wolves. It said something about him," Lizbe says. She believes that a bio is essential — otherwise you form an opinion about someone just from how they look in photos. "Those four sentences is all you have to play all your cards — make sure it's interesting."

Spot the fakes.

Marcel says he quickly realised that Tinder is full of fake profiles. "Where I was studying there was always two girls within 6 km's with the three profile photo's and no bio." He said they messaged him but he didn't reply. "When something feels off, it most likely is off."

Be honest — and update your photos.

Marcel, who went on three dates before he met Lizbe, said that honesty is the key to success. "From the beginning don't oversell or undersell yourself. I am not saying you should go into detail of all your f*ck-ups in life, but have an honest reflection of who you are." He also learnt the hard way to always update profile photos. "I had a photo with long hair and when I went on a date with a girl, after I cut it long ago, she was immediately put off."

Don't think you are going to change someone.

The one rule Lizbe followed was to avoid all men who said they are just looking for "fun." "At least the people are honest about their intentions," Lizbe says laughing. But she warns: “Don't think you are going to change someone. If someone is honest enough to say he just wants fun on Tinder, he's made his intentions clear and is definitely not looking, or going to look, for any committed relationship."

Be 100% sure before you meet anyone.

"The nice thing about Tinder is that when you match with someone they have little to no information about you," Lizbe says. She was on the app for three weeks before she met Marcel. "But when you give someone your number, you give them a part of your life — so be 100% sure. Trust your instincts or wait a while before making the move to Whatsapp."

Don't base a right swipe just on the looks.

While Lizbe thinks that the bio is the most important part of a Tinder profile, Marcel says men are visual creatures. "You have to be attracted to someone," Marcel says, "I mean I like legs, so a woman with beautiful legs are a must." But, he says think twice before you swipe left. "Think about it, look at the profile and see if you guys have anything in common and take it from there." Lizbe agrees. "I have a well-built friend with the softest heart — people might surprise you. Don't judge a book by it's cover."

Be happy with yourself.

"The one thing I promised myself is that I wouldn't date anyone until I was happy with myself," Marcel says. He said while he was studying dentistry at the University of the Western Cape, he was on Tinder but refused to go on any dates. "I first wanted to finish my degree and oddly enough I met Lizbe a week after my final exam."

Don't have high expectations.

Lizbe says she didn't expect much when joining Tinder. "I was just coming out of a long relationship and my friends thought it was a way to get over the guy. "I think it is important to take Tinder for what it is, don't expect you have found the love of your life when you match with someone." She says Tinder is like going to a bar. "You meet a lot of people, but you won't have chemistry with everyone. It takes time and effort."

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