Shoprite this week said that 13,000 of its products are currently cheaper than a year ago – and 1,000 of its products are now below R5.

“The Shoprite Group is making sure that financially-pressed customers can afford to eat, even if they have just R5 in their pockets,” the company said in a statemnt. 

We visited our local Shoprite store to find out what shoppers can get for R5: 

This 300g loaf of white bread was on sale for R4.99

There were a number of “deli” meals below R5, including:

A chicken hotdog for R3.99

Egg and tomato sandwiches for R4.00

Muffins and koesisters from R3.29


These were the grocery items we found for less than R5:

There was some fresh produce for less than R5: 

Apples for R3,49 each

These chocolate bars were on sale for R4.99.

There were also a couple of coffee options:


Other deals for below R5 include 50g Pot O’ Gold peanut butter, 150g Morvite porridge and 50g Knorr chicken soup.

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