We found a secret game hidden in Pick n Pay’s new cricket collectable card series

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South Africa cricket
Pick n Pay Super Cards.Photo Jay Caboz.
  • Pick n Pay today launched a collectable card series for Proteas fans, that includes both male and female players.
  • You can scan the cards using an app and learn about the players.
  • There’s also an addictive secret game hidden in the app.
  • We smashed a quick 34 runs, before being caught and bowled.
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Pick n Pay today launched a collectable card series, a must have for all Proteas cricket fans, that includes male and, for the first time, our female players.

Over the next seven weeks customers will have the chance to collect 60 cards featuring players as well as stadium data, jerseys and even the Proteas' Mascot, Zac. 

Pick n Pay says customers will receive a pack of two Cricket Super Cards for every R150 they spend. 

The Cricket Super Cards are suitable for children of all ages and are 100% recyclable. And, as an added bonus, they don't come in any packaging or plastic. 

Customers also have the option of buying an album, if you’re old school and like that type of thing, to keep the cards safe – for an extra R20.

“I’m going to be sending my family to go and try and collect one of me,” said Dané van Niekerk, the Proteas women’s captain, currently out of the squad due to injury.  "With something as simple as being put on a card, it’s a really great opportunity for the country to be exposed to women sports. I never thought something like this would happen. For the players it’s a testament to the hard work that we’ve put in." 

Dané van Niekerk
Dané van Niekerk, Protea women’s captain, currently out the squad due to injury.

Thanks to an accompanying augmented reality app, the players spring to life in 3D.

South Africa cricket
Pick n Pay Super Cards.Photo Jay Caboz.

The more tech savvy collectors would be excited to see that the 98mb app catalogues the cards you’ve scanned, and is free. 

South Africa cricket
Pick n Pay Super Cards.Photo Jay Caboz.

Once scanned, the cards spring to life transforming into 3D avatars. There are also fun facts, advice on how to bowl better, and pop quizzes aimed at educating fans.

Our favourite feature is this addictive bat-until-you-are-out game

We tried it for ourselves and smashed 34 runs, before being caught and bowled. It was a short, but sweet, cameo appearance on the wicket. 

South Africa cricket
Pick n Pay Super Cards.Photo Jay Caboz.

Pick n Pay and Cricket SA showed the cards to the Proteas men's squad last week and some of the players ended up getting themselves: 

“Every badge collected on the app brings you one step closer to becoming South Africa’s Super Cards cricket captain. You can also challenge your friends, compare scores and see who smashes the most sixes to come out top,” said John Bradshaw, Pick n Pay retail executive: Marketing. 

The proceeds from album sales will be donated to Cricket South Africa’s grass roots HUBS, a programme that builds regional performance centres in previously disadvantaged communities across South Africa. 

Thabang Moroe, CEO of Cricket SA, said that they look forward to connecting and communicating with cricket fans across South Africa whilst providing another way for them to enjoy the sport and engage with the players.

The men are currently en route to the United Kingdom to compete in the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The women are squaring it off in a T20 series against Pakistan back home in South Africa. 

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