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South Africa has some of the most expensive ADSL in the world, coming in at 97 out of 196 countries.

But 16 years since ADSL was introduced in the country, internet service providers (ISP's) have been driving down prices. 

If you are not making use of fibre (or don't have access to fibre), you'll have to pay Telkom R199.00 a month on top or your ISP charges for a landline which accesses the internet. 

While Telkom's ADSL bundles are considerably more expensive than the other ISPs, it includes the cost of a landline. 

How much internet do you need? 

An average internet user needs about a 4Mbps per second line, which is fine for watching YouTube videos, and using services like Facebook and Instagram. For online gaming and watching HD videos, 8Mbps is about the minimum required. 

As soon as you have more than one person using the same internet connection, the line speed needs to double to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. 

Netflix recommends a minimum 3Mbps connection for watching standard quality videos, and 5Mbs for high definition videos. 

Business Insider South Africa compared theADSL prices for uncapped internet at some of South Africa's largest ISPs. The prices in bold are the cheapest in each category of line.

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