Photo: Timothy Rangongo
  • KFC launched its weird-looking "Dunked" burger late last month.
  • It's been getting a lot of Twitter attention, so we decided to see what has SA talking.
  • Our verdict: a sauce that looks like motor oil does not go down as well as good old KFC stalwarts like the Zinger burger.

KFC recently launched its Dunked Burger, and there is a big movement on Twitter trying to convince us it is amazing, making us both curious and suspicious.

We too could not tell whether the hype was real, or paid-for – but feared missing out too. 

Most importantly, we wanted to figure out if this fancy new burger is better than its cousins, the Zinger and Crunch burgers that have stood the test of time.

We asked our testers to tell us about taste, presentation, whether they would buy the burger, and how the three compare. Here's what we found.

The Dunked Burger - R 44.90

Photo: Timothy Rangongo

The burger is accompanied by an ad campaign that sees the patty being thrown into a dark brown sauce that, quite frankly, could be molasses – or motor oil.

Our test burger suffered from what was clearly too much mayonnaise, and the resulting sweetness was a turn-off.

There was also a general feeling that the Dunked burger was just a Zinger patty in a different sauce – to the detriment of the bite that comes with the Zinger.

"It needs that kick," as one of our testers put it.

The Hot Zinger Burger - R 39.90

Photo: Timothy Rangongo

It went down better than the Dunked Burger, with points for the slow burn as well as the balance the mayonnaise provided.

The Crunch Burger - R 25.90

Photo: Timothy Rangongo

It's, well, it's pretty much a chicken sandwich, or at least as dry as one. 

The verdict: thanks, but no thanks.

One of our tasters remarked that if it came free it would be a good deal – but our tasting panel agreed it was ridiculous to pay more for the Dunked Burger than the better Zinger.

"Maybe like petrol, the government should subsidise us for their motor-oil-like sauce," one said

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