• The sleep-health economy is booming with consumers forking out billions on mattresses, according to a report by McKinsey & Co.
  • The inclusion of sleep in the definition of healthy lifestyles is increasingly becoming popular.
  • South Africans are spending as much as R350,000 on a single mattress.

The sleep-health economy is a booming multibillion-dollar one with consumers spending fortunes on apparatus like bedding, white noise machines, medicine, sleep coaches, and most importantly, mattresses to get a better night's sleep according to consultants Mckinsey & Co.The mattress market is valued at a colossal R94.8 billion ($8 billion) and growing, with the sale of some insanely priced mattresses listed below.

These are some of the most expensive mattresses in South Africa. 

The Maestro - R180,0000 to R350,000 

Like the name suggests, the Maestro is probably one of South Africa's most distinguished mattresses, assembled entirely by hand in Switzerland where it is stuffed with materials like blond horsehair, alpaca wool, camel wool.

The Maestro mattress, made up of a 5-layer body of pocket springs (Picture: The Hall Collection)

Local distributor of the mattress, The Hall Collection, tells Business Insider South Africa that prices start at about R180,000 and go up depending how the client customises their mattress.

The Maestro is the crème de la crème of their mattress range starting at R350,000 and cited as "the true master of sleep."

Serta's Super King XL - R59,699 

The Mattress warehouse says this sleeper range is perfect for those individuals who sincerely value their sleep.

the Serta Excellence – Super King XL mattress is the largest of the Serta Perfect Sleeper Range (Picture: The Mattress Warehouse)

The Serta's super king XL "seriously decreases tossing and turning," in addition to providing superior comfort with its extra layers of cool gel memory foam preventing overheating while you sleep.

It can support up two people, each weighing up to 140 kg. It retails for R59,699

The 'Cloud Nine' - R31,995 

The Cloud Nine slomotion latex foam queen mattress goes for R31,995 and features a button on the side that allows sleepers to recline the mattress. 

The Cloud Nine Slomotion Latex Foam heavy duty natural latex mattress (Picture:

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