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Watch: This is the first night-vision camera for consumers

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 Jul 27, 2018, 07:10 AM
  • Infrared imaging company, SiOnyx, announced the world's first consumer night vision camera, the Aurora.
  • The camera sports a 720p HD resolution and ultra low light technology.
  • The Aurora retails for about R10,500 ($799).

SiOnyx, an infrared imaging company unveiled the world's first consumer night vision camera.

"We're really excited about it. We're hoping it will deliver to the world a capability that no one has seen yet— the ability to see at night," says SiOnyx's principal scientist and co-founder, James Carey.

Co-founder and principal scientist of SiOnyx, Dr James Carey holding the Aurora night vision camera. (Tech Crunch)

The night vision camera market is under-served; night vision's very expensive, has low resolution and is inaccessible to most people, Carey says.

The company was already dabbling in image sensors but wanted to provide that capability to the average consumer, "to help them bring their night to life and provide what feels like super human vision."

Photos taken from a Canon camera (Left), an iPhone X (Middle) and the Aurora (Right). (Photos: Tech Crunch)

At the core of the Aurora is SiOnyx's own proprietary sensors. For years, the company has been making night sensors for a very low light, for night vision. SiOnyx then tried to bring that capability into a camera for the mass market.

SiOnyx's Aurora night vision action camera. (Tech Crunch)

The company has been around for over a decade. but the Aurora is SiOnyx's first consumer-focussed product.

SiOnyx has so far raised over R650 million ($50 million), acquired through private equity and venture capital. 

"As we go forward as a company with its [the Aurora's] success, we'll continue to develop the camera's performance and how it interacts with the world," Carey says.

The camera is now available for sale via online pre-ordering at for about R10,500 ($799).

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