• Volerian aims to develop the quietest – and safest – aircraft ever created.
  • The aircraft's design uses flapping-wing aerodynamics.
  • The concept aircraft is also able to perform both vertical takeoffs and landings.

Aeronautical company Volerian aims to develop the safest, and quietest, aircraft in the world. Its concept was unveiled at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow.
Could we soon see this aficraft taking to the world's skies? (Cover Media)
Dubbed the Volerian, the aircraft bases its design on the most evolved form of flight on Earth: flapping.
A painting by Peter Paul Rubens illustrating Icarus and father, Daedalus, flapping artificial wings to fly from Crete. (Web Gallery of Art)
"By placing the flapping wing close to a specially shaped wall, in the form of a duct, the level of thrust can be efficiently increased without the need for greater amplitude," says the company.
The Volerian's lengthy wings. (Cover Media)

Volerian says its propulsion system can be used in most situations where a propeller or fan could not. The system is also supposedly cheaper to manufacture and much quieter and safer than any fan or propeller technology.

The concept vehicle is able to perform both vertical takeoff and landings or VTOL for short.

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