We counted about 245 Intel light drones in the Joburg skyline forming Absa's newly trademarked logo. (Photo: Timothy Rangongo)
  • We counted over 240 light-carrying drones rising above the Joburg skyline in the first hour of Tuesday morning.
  • The light drones proceeded to form Absa's newly-trademarked logo, which it has been so secretive about.
  • On Tuesday the bank announced that the drones will form part of Africa's first Intel drone light show.

We counted over 240 mysterious drones rising above the Joburg skyline to form Absa's newly trademarked logo in the first hours of Tuesday morning – as the bank apparently rehearsed a show due Wednesday night.

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The clandestine rehearsal took place a few minutes before 1AM, presumably to ensure sleeping residents would be one the wiser.

Business Insider South Africa captured the drones making 360-degree rotations of the apparent new Absa logo in the sky for approximately ten minutes, before swiftly disappearing again.

Watch here:

The bank finally came clean about the mini-drones, announcing that they will form part of Africa's first ever Intel light drone show in the Joburg CBD at 19h30 on Wednesday. 

Intel's drones have been used to light up the sky for major events like Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show, which used Intel drones coordinated by computer programmes and earlier this year at the Winter Olympics.

Light drone shows are becoming popular, quieter and environmentally-friendly replacements of fireworks. 

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