• US startup LUMI created an intelligent toilet brush that cleans itself.
  • The toilet brush uses an automatic dose of ultraviolet (UV) light to kill germs.
  • A LUMI brush, germ killing base, and additional replacement head costs about R570 ($40) and ships to South Africa too.

Just when we thought there wasn't a corner of our lives that hi-tech hasn't reached, US startup LUMI created a next-generation toilet brush holder.

LUMI is an innovative toilet brush base that uses UV lights to kill germs. (LUMI)

LUM uses UV light to kill germs, with an automatic dose every time you put the brush in its base.

LUMI self-santises itself after being used and put back into the UV lit base, (LUMI)

The LUMI appears to be a hit with investors, who don't think the idea stinks as the company has already smashed their crowd-funding goal. The goal was set at about R71,500 ($5,000) and was comfortably sitting at a little over R800,000 ($56,131) at the time of writing.

LUMI's crowd-funding page. (Kickstarter)

A standard LUMI toilet cleaning brush that comes with a germ killing base will cost about R570 ($40) for the early-bird value kit that also includes an additional LUMI replacement head.

LUMI toilet brush prices. (LUMI)

The LUMIs are expected to start shipping from March 2019 with South Africa included on the list of destinations the company plans to deliver to.

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