• The World Robot Summit 2018 took place in Tokyo this week.
  • The event gave participants a look at working robots and also the future of robotics.
  • Some of the robots showcased included one that dances, an additional artificial arm that can pick up objects and collaborative robots with new assembling technology.

From a dancing robot to an extra arm - 2018's World Robot Summit in Tokyo gave attendees a glimpse into the future of robotics with exhibitions of advanced working robots.

A working robot. (YouTube)

Here are some of the coolest exhibitions from the event

An artificial robotic arm that's wearable and can pick up objects

A robotic artificial arm.

A dancing robot

A dancing robot.

Assembling robots

Assembling robots.

Companies like Omron, an electronics based in Kyoto also spoke at the event on how they're solving social issues with their core technologies and the direction of its robotics technology development.

The company showcased its new collaborative robot, which they deem safe, simple to programme, and easy to integrate with other equipment.

Omron's new collaborative robot.

Collaborative robots are designed for direct interaction with humans within collaborative workspaces. They can sense force and detect collisions among several functions.

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