gym pool
  • Without a moment's hesitation, a 23-year old cleaner dove into a gym pool to save a drowning man.
  • CCTV captured the whole drama.
  • The gym member made a complete recovery - and the cleaner may now be closer to achieving his ambitions to become a life guard.

CCTV footage has captured the moment a cleaner dove into a gym pool to save a swimmer from drowning.

The video shows a man doing laps in a Planet Fitness gym in the Johannesburg suburb of Craighall Park, before suddenly losing consciousness and slipping beneath the water.

Karabo Thosago, 23, was working nearby when he saw the man floating, he told the South African news service News24.

"I was so scared, very scared… I've never seen something like that. I just thought that if I don't jump in, then this person can die in a matter of seconds."

"With no hesitation, he jumped in, he was very brave," the gym's general manager Shanice Butcher told News24. After lifting the man to the surface, other staff members helped to transport him to the hospital.

The gym member has made a full recovery, Butcher told News24. The incident took place on April 3.

Thosago, who has been working as a cleaner at the gym since last year, has always had an interest in aquatics, and was hoping to become a life guard. Following the incident, Butcher says she will help him to realise his dream. "He literally saved someone's life," she said.

Take a look at the video:

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