Several hundred thousand white supremacists, q-ano
Several hundred thousand white supremacists, q-anon conspiracy theorists, neonazis, and Trump supporters held a march in Washington, DC demanding the overturn of the 2020 election of Joe Biden to the presidency, on Saturday, 14 November 2020. (Photo by B.A. Van Sise/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
  • Violence erupted in Washington, DC, on Saturday, after the "Million MAGA March" drew a mix of Trump supporters and counterprotesters who brawled throughout the night.
  • One person was stabbed and at least 10 people were arrested throughout the day, DC officials told media.
  • Images and videos showed violent skirmishes between anti-Trump activists and pro-Trump protesters throughout the evening.
  • One video even showed counter-protesters throwing fireworks into the patio of a restaurant where Trump supporters were dining.
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A string of violent clashes erupted in Washington, DC, on Saturday night, hours after large crowds of protesters marched through the city in support of US President Donald Trump.

By nightfall, a number of anti-Trump counter-protesters and antifa members began brawling with Trump supporters and members of the far-right Proud Boys. The chaos left injuries and arrests on both sides, according to The Washington Post.

One person was stabbed and critically injured in one clash, the DC fire department told NBC Washington.

At least 10 people were arrested as of Saturday afternoon, four of them on gun charges and two on simple assault, according to NPR.

The Metropolitan Police Department of DC did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment on arrests and injuries that occurred throughout the evening.

Multiple videos posted to social media by journalists appeared to show anti-Trump counter-protesters harassing Trump supporters.

In one, several Trump supporters dining in the outdoor patio of a restaurant were confronted by a group of counter-protesters clad mostly in black, some toting umbrellas, who threw fireworks into the dining area.

Other videos showed anti-Trump protesters throwing items and liquids at Trump supporters, and snatching their hats and flags.

Yet more videos showed brawls between the two sides erupting in the middle of the streets.

A number of photos showed the counter-protesters lighting Trump merchandise, flags, and signs on fire throughout the afternoon and evening.

A counter-protester burns a Trump 2020 flag after supporters of President Donald Trump held pro-Trump marches Saturday Nov. 14, 2020, in Washington.

Videos also showed a heavy police presence in the area, showing officers rushing to break up skirmishes, make arrests, and deploy pepper spray.

The unrest occurred amid a roiling nationwide conflict over the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election.

The Trump supporters who attended Saturday's event — billed by some as the Million MAGA March — expressed outrage at President-elect Joe Biden's victory and alleged without evidence that widespread voter fraud had cheated Trump out of a second term.

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