The Voyager Station space hotel is then expected to the public in 2027.
  • Construction on the first-ever space hotel will begin in 2026.
  • 'Voyager Station' is set to open to the public in 2027.
  • The space hotel is taking reservations — but a three-day stay will cost around $5 million (R76 million).
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Dreaming of an out-of-this-world vacation? Good news.

Plans for the first-ever luxury space hotel have been announced.

Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), a space construction company comprised of NASA veterans, intends to begin construction on the Voyager Station in 2026.

The hotel is then expected to open to the public in 2027, according to CNN Travel.

"We're trying to make the public realise that this golden age of space travel is just around the corner. It's coming. It's coming fast," the company's boss, John Blincow, told the media outlet.

Voyager Station will accommodate up to 280 guests and include a restaurant, bar, and gym, according to Travel + Leisure

A rendering of the Voyager's restaurant and bar.

The food on offer will provide a nod to its galactic location. Freeze-dried ice cream, for example, will be a staple dish at the space hotel, Architectural Digest reported.

To ensure that tourists don't float away, the ring-shaped hotel will have artificial gravity. Voyager Station will spin like a Ferris wheel and use centrifugal force - the apparent outward force on a mass when rotated - to simulate moon-like levels of gravity, Interesting Engineering said.

Even so, guests can expect to experience more weightlessness than on earth. According to Architectural Digest, recreational activities are planned, such as basketball games where guests can jump up to six times as high.

A rendering of the Voyager's gym which will offer low-gravity activities.

Tourists hoping to visit the hotel will have to undergo some training, The Washington Post reported. This is because those visiting will have to travel on the SpaceX Starship shuttle to get there.

Voyager Station is currently taking reservations. But it will cost $5 million (R76 million) for a three-day stay, according to Travel + Leisure.

The company hopes that rates become more reasonable over time. It should eventually cost the same amount as "a trip on a cruise or a trip to Disneyland," the team told CNN Travel.

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